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Fastest Way to Losing Belly Fat The Exercise Factor

Fastest Way to Losing Belly Fat The Exercise Factor

Fastest Way to Losing Belly Fat The Exercise Factor

Exercising has been known to be one of the fastest ways of losing weight and in particular pot belly. The kind of exercises that are most effective is however the problem. Over the years various types of exercises have been bandied about. From the ineffective to the mundane, different kinds of exercises on belly fat reduction have been advertised. Every Tom, Jack and Harry has been advertising the effectiveness of one form of exercise or the other. 

However if you could endeavor to follow the exercising tips contained in this article you will be glad you did as your pot belly will disappear within the shortest possible time. For a start, whatever type of exercise plan you choose should be based on the advice of your Medical Doctor. You should not choose an exercise plan that will harm you. You should endeavor to choose the exercise plan than is unique to you and not the one copied or shared with someone else.

Endeavor to mix up your exercise. Mix up cardiovascular exercises with strength building exercises to attain the best result. Cardiovascular exercises could be simple exercises like light outdoor running, outdoor jogging, skipping, brisk walking, use of treadmill, and aerobics. Strength building exercises like press-ups, sit-ups and crunches are equally effective.

Tae Bo is one very effective form of strength building exercise. Tae Bo was created in 1975 by Billy Banks. The exercise has been found to be very effective in belly fat reduction. It is a blend of aerobics and martial arts. Tae Bo consists of series of jabs, punches, kicks and steps modeled in series of eight count combinations. Another type of strength building exercise effective in getting rid of belly fat fast is Pilates. This exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates. 

The exercise emphasizes a balanced development of the body through core strength flexibility and awareness in order to support efficient and graceful movements. Pilates works effectively for wide range of people - from the elderly to the young, men, women, pregnant women and even women who just delivered. Those who have actively engaged themselves in Pilates as a form of exercise have reported being stronger and leaner particularly around their abdomen. They also reported being able to do what they love doing with ease and grace.

Kapalbati Pranayama is another effective form of exercise that could help you eliminate your belly fat fast. This exercise has been found by users to dissolve fats around the abdomen and the body quickly. Exercising with gym ball has also been found to be effective in eliminating belly fat fast. The exercise if explored and done properly will help you rid yourself of that belly fat fast.

For post natal exercise, women who just delivered are advised to actively engage in alternately contracting and relaxing their abdominal and pelvic muscles to strengthen and toughen them. Doing this repeatedly will help burn off the flab the abdomen might have accumulated by the months of pregnancy.

The Exercise Habit

Like most things, training is a habit, so, if you're in the routine of exercising, it's far easier to keep at it. "Keeping at it" is often thought as fanatical behavior and in many ways it is, but there are far worse things to be fanatical about.


 there are a few common pitfalls why most people have difficulty making exercise a regular habit. The overlapping main problem areas are:

1. Poor knowledge. A lack of understanding of how to structure a suitable training regime means not being able to attain objectives and an inevitable lack of motivation over time.

2. Haste. The over eagerness to look or feel a certain way can lead to an "all or nothing" approach. You want to train every night - running, weight training, team sports etc. - and it's unsustainable, so you give up.

3. Unrealistic goals. Often you set out to do or achieve too much. The realization that you're not going to achieve your goal/s leads to a lack of motivation.

4. Lack of motivation. As well as the problem areas mentioned above contributing to a lack of motivation, failure to enjoy your exercise can leave your exercising feeling like a chore, rather than a hobby.

So, how do we address these issues? Keep it simple. Here are the four measures to start the exercise habit (and keep it going!).

1. Seek advice. Knowledge is Power. Consulting knowledgeable people within your exercise field is highly recommended.

2. Less haste, more speed! Following a gradual and consistent climb toward your goals will ensure your progression.

3. Set an achievable course of action! Do not set out to do too much! Progress is the key, so take one step at a time and set both short-term and long-term goals that are achievable.

4. Commit to something. Making a start can be the most difficult thing, so creating a reason and a support group for your efforts can help wonders. For example, the reason may be a forthcoming wedding, holiday, charity race & the support network may be family or friends undertaking the same endeavours. It presents a great opportunity to socialize with family and friends whilst achieving your exercise goals at the same time.