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4 unexpected health benefits of garlic to include in your diet


4 unexpected health benefits of garlic to include in your diet

4 unexpected health benefits of garlic to include in your diet

Garlic is a renowned herb that is used worldwide as a kitchen spice and medically to treat various diseases and ailments. Garlic (Allium sativum) is closely related to other crops such as shallot, scallion and chive because it is a member of the Allium family- the genetic family of onions and its look-alike plants.

A Healthline publication on 5th May 2022 reveals the use of Garlic for over 6000 years since the Egyptian, Greek and Chinese civilisation periods. The French, Portuguese and Spanish then introduced garlic to the modern era. Garlic is an exceptional source of manganese, selenium, calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, and other valuable nutrients in considerable amounts. By now, you should know the prowess of this little herb health-wise to an individual’s body system. Oops, it has a condition still, CONSUME ME MODERATELY.

Do you know that asides from having tremendous benefits to the lungs, brain and skin, garlic is a first-class lover of the heart?

Here’s why?

Whenever garlic is chopped, crushed, ground or chewed, it produces allicin and diallyl disulfide, two major sulfur compounds. These sulfur compounds perform heavy functions of protecting the arteries, regulating blood pressure, regulating cholesterol levels and reducing cell damage to the heart. Consequently, heart failure is prevented, a heart attack is countered, and an individual gets to live a healthy life with a fully functional heart

The 4 Health Benefits Of Garlic To The Heart

1. Regulation of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also referred to as hypertension, is a condition in which the heart's arterial walls are subjected to a lot of pressure. According to data compiled by the World Health Organization, the mortality rate related to blood pressure is rising. Thankfully, our little kitchen pal garlic is a reliable cure.

Human studies by The British Heart Foundation have found that the consumption of garlic and its extracts (powder, oil, etc.) provide active compounds responsible for garlic’s blood pressure-reducing abilities. Allicin, one of the major sulfuric compounds of garlic, prevents the body’s production of angiotensin II, a compound that causes the blood vessels (artery) to contract, inducing an increase in blood pressure. Allicin creates a safe and easy passage for blood to flow freely by reducing the contraction of the arteries, which in turn reduces blood pressure.

2. Reduction of Cholesterol Levels

Garlic also has superb cholesterol-reducing effects and has been used as a folk medicine for this cause since time memorial.

Garlic and Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a lipid (a type of fat) found in animal cell membranes. Unlike the popular misconception, cholesterol is favourable when in moderate amounts because the body needs it to generate vital hormones. Still, is cholesterol bad? You may ask.

When cholesterol mixes with the protein of the liver cells to produce LDL in large doses, it becomes toxic (Low-density Lipoprotein). LDL is a horrible type of cholesterol that causes waxy artery fat buildup. This waxy accumulation hardens into a structure that restricts blood flow by making the arteries smaller. Because once a blood clot forms in one of these narrowed arteries, BOOM! A heart problem develops. High cholesterol is a high-risk factor for a heart attack.

Researchers, as reported by Medical News Today, investigated the effects of garlic and its extracts on the cholesterol level of patients with high blood cholesterol for 4 months. Results showed a significant decrease in the cholesterol level when fed the garlic supplements. For this, 2 lobes of garlic are the regular intake recommended by herb specialists. You must endeavour to seek the prescriptions of a medical practitioner before taking any garlic supplements.

3. Prevents Cardiomyopathy In Diabetic Patients

Cardiomyopathy is a life-threatening disease of the myocardium. The heart muscle (myocardium) of a patient suffering from cardiomyopathy swells, is weak and is unfit to pump blood to the entire body system. It is a major cause of death in diabetic patients. In a laboratory experiment involving diabetic rats, scientists discovered that after a heart attack, rats that were fed with diallyl sulphide of garlic experienced less damage to the affected area compared to the rats that received no treatment. These days, medical practitioners highly recommend garlic as an effective treatment for cardiomyopathy patients.

4. Fights Against Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is the medical term for the hardening of the arteries. Although the arteries of the heart are relaxed, as we age, they become hard and may amass a plaque build-up which restricts the movement of blood. Since garlic helps to regulate blood pressure, it can also prevent the hardening associated with atherosclerosis.

Final words

Hello dear friends, don’t let that nasty garlic breath deceive you from giving your heart the best heart treatment it can ever have using this ancient kitchen secret, garlic. Your health is all that matters. Cheers!