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Distinctive signs when most people have emotional intelligence

Distinctive signs when most people have emotional intelligence

Distinctive signs when most people have emotional intelligence

We all know about IQ, and most of us fall into the middle range. When we talk about the level of intelligence of an individual, we use terms like smart, smart, goofy, stupid, and stupid. What most people don't know is that we also have an EQ, or EI, which is our level of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence directs us to respond in a given situation. The emotions we experience greatly influence our lives, so if you want to be a better parent, friend, partner, and colleague, you need to learn about the traits of emotionally intelligent people. It is very easy to influence the lives of other individuals if you are aware of what they are feeling, or what is the reason behind their specific feelings. People will feel more comfortable addressing you.

It helps us set priorities. It builds our perception of ourselves and our relationship to others. It determines the majority of our daily actions. Research indicates that emotional intelligence greatly affects a person's success.

1- They can read people

People with high emotional intelligence can read people very easily.

2- They control their thinking

Most of the time we can't decide how we are going to react when we are faced with an unusual situation. Whether we are going to get angry, excited, or feel sad. However, in the case of emotionally intelligent people, they can control how they react to those feelings by focusing on their thoughts. The way they think makes them not become slaves to their feelings.

3- They think about their feelings

Emotionally intelligent people can identify emotions and the role they play in influencing a person's thoughts and actions. Because they spend time observing themselves and others. As a result, they can see things that lie below the surface especially when it comes to people's reaction in different situations.

4- They are honest

Emotionally intelligent people say what they mean. They don't speak half-truths or try to camouflage things. They are honest in their approach to life and their dealings with people.

5- They maintain their commitment

Emotionally intelligent people understand that keeping their word in both small and large matters establishes a strong reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. So even when it comes to something insignificant, emotionally intelligent people make sure they keep their promises

6- They show empathy

Empathy does not necessarily imply approval and acceptance of a person's point of view; It means seeking understanding, allowing us to build deeper, more connected relationships. Emotionally intelligent people are empathetic, and they put themselves in other people's situations without judgment. They work hard to see things through someone else's eyes.

7- They help others

People who are more emotionally intelligent know what it feels like to want to help or to be at a disadvantage because they are empathetic. Hence, they are always ready to lend a hand to people who may need it.

8- They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses

Emotionally intelligent people are self-aware. They know their strengths and weaknesses, so they focus on using their strength more often while not losing sight of their flaws. They become able to control it, whenever the slightest opportunity to display it is presented.

9- They forgive and forget

Remember that smart people are not slaves to their feelings. They are good at forgiving people who have offended them and forget about it. As well as understanding the best time to forgive people and move on. They prevent others from holding their emotions hostage.

10. They know when to rest

If a person is emotionally intelligent, this does not mean that they should understand very little as they experience it or dissect each event as it occurs. So they know when to seek deeper understanding when necessary and enjoy the moment at other times. If you find yourself doing some of these things, it may indicate that you are emotionally intelligent.

11- They direct themselves from emotional manipulation

You may be wondering if there is a downside to emotional intelligence. The answer is yes. People can try to manipulate or deceive others to achieve their own selfish goals or ambitions. They are aware of this, so they make sure that they constantly sharpen the emotional cushion to protect themselves from manipulators.

12- They know where they need improvement

People with low emotional intelligence make the world think they know everything and can do anything. When something goes wrong they blame others. A person with high emotional intelligence knows which areas of their life need improvement. They are always learning and therefore always growing.


Contrary to brain intelligence: our IQ can be raised to some extent. Part of our emotional intelligence is innate, part of it is shaped by the environment and another part is our attitude. Are you ready to learn how to understand and overcome your emotions? Are you interested in becoming a better problem solver? Do you want to achieve your goals? Developing your emotional intelligence allows you to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings. It deepens your relationships and helps you balance work, home, and fun in a meaningful way. Remember, the biggest determinant of success is measured by EQ, not IQ.