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The elderly and the simple and useful exercises appropriate for him

The elderly and the simple and useful exercises appropriate for him

The elderly and the simple and useful exercises appropriate for him

Exercise is good for keeping our body fit and healthy. Many people go for long walks, visit the gym to work out, or work out in open, airy areas to get the most out of those activities. Exercise is certainly an important aspect of our lives and an essential part of an overall healthcare system.

Healthy people can do all kinds of exercises, simple, difficult, or rigorous. But what about people who are frail and have some physical disability or who are old and can't do the physical stress and endurance of common exercises.

This article describes and explains some exercises with details of how to do them and will be useful for those who are looking for exercises that are simple and less strenuous but bring the benefits of maintaining good health.

The psychology of a weak or elderly person

Aging is inevitable and we all have to age with time. Most of us do not understand the value of good health during our youth and some of us misuse it. This is unfortunate but it happens to many people around the world.

It is true that many of us do not realize the value of good health during a young age, but as we get older we find that our bodies are not cooperating with us to get those indulgences that we enjoyed so much during our youth. Obviously, such a situation will cause some stress and anxiety in the elderly. They will always think about why they felt so weak and lacking energy when they did so well a few years ago. This is a state of mind and it is in fact a psychological condition that many elderly people have and the result is that they become mentally weak and begin to have a constant fear for their health.

It is imperative that just doing some exercise and having a good lifestyle will not be enough to keep an elderly person happy even and unless they are in good mental health condition. So they will need some good company to pass their time and they may need some advice from their friends and relatives from time to time. A stable and composed mind is essential in old age.

Why exercise is necessary 

Exercise is essential at every age but becomes even more important in old age because many people have less mobility as they get older. Sitting idle without any physical activity makes the parts of the body stiff and frozen, and it is natural that it is the beginning of the problems of the ligaments and muscles in our bodies. They will also become stiff and then resist whatever physical action we want them to take.

The main purpose of the exercise is to keep the body parts in working condition and literally say that the body parts should not rust due to inactivity.

Seniors who engage in household chores are actually only doing one type of exercise and may not need much of the other exercise that experts have suggested for seniors. Depending on the chores, they can choose some small exercises to supplement their household activities. But people who are not completely active in their old age should consider making some exercises in their routine every day. The problem with old age is sometimes weakness and frailty and this is where a person cannot do hard or rigorous exercises and obviously has to do some small and simpler exercises to keep active and fit.

People who are not used to exercising in their lives generally resist any idea of ​​asking them to do so. It is therefore necessary to get rid of such mentality before embarking on any exercise in one's life.

Exercises that can be done while lying down

There are some simple exercises that are very effective and can be done while lying in bed or talking on a mat on the floor, including:

1. Lie on the back and slowly raise the left leg up without bending the knee until it can be controlled without any stress or extra effort. Hold it like this for a few seconds say 3-5 seconds and then slowly lower it. Repeat with the right leg. Those elderly people who cannot keep their legs straight can bend them slightly at the knee and continue on. In the beginning, one has to do this exercise for only 3 times and after that the frequency can be increased according to the available strength to do a few cycles of this type of exercise.

2. Lying on the back, lift the left leg, rotate it twice clockwise, then counterclockwise, and lower it down. Repeat this with the right leg. Do this initially for 3 times which can be increased later.

3. Lie on your back and slowly raise one hand, stay there for a few seconds say 5-6 seconds and slowly lower it. Repeat with the other hand. Do this initially for 3 times which can be increased later.

4. Lie on your back. Turn to your left side. Slowly lift your right leg up a bit and stay there for a few seconds say 2-3 seconds then slowly lower it. Now turn to the right side and repeat with the left leg. Do this initially for 3 times which can be increased later.

5. Bend the left leg at the knee and bring it close to the chest. Use both hands to pull it toward the chest if necessary. Don't pull too much if there is some pressure in the back. Repeat with the right leg. Do this at first for 3-5 times. It can be increased according to individual strength. This exercise is very beneficial for the legs and back of a person.

Exercises that can be done while sitting

Sitting is a very comfortable position for the elderly and there are many exercises that can be done in this position. One has to sit on a chair, sofa, chair or anywhere where it is comfortable and the back is not strained. Let's have a look at some exercises that can be done easily in this position -

1. Bend both hands at the elbow and continue to point the arms forward (each hand will be in an L shape). Now slowly lift the shoulders while holding the hands in this position and then drop them. Repeat 3-5 times. This exercise is said to relieve back pain and spondylitis.

2. Extend both hands forward. Close your palms and make fists. Rotate the fist (without turning the hands) 5 times clockwise and then 5 times counterclockwise. This exercise strengthens the wrists and keeps them active.

3. Bend the hands at the elbow and keep the shoulders relaxed. Slowly rotate the shoulders with the hands in this position in one direction and then in the opposite direction. Remember that we only have to rotate the shoulders and hands slightly and not any other part of the body. This exercise keeps the shoulder joints in an active state and there will be no risk of a frozen shoulder. Reduces stiffness in the upper back area.

Exercises that can be done while standing

Honestly, the attitude itself is an exercise for the weak and the old. In a standing position, if the body is not able to bear the weight of its own weight, the person will get tired and will want to sit down at the first available opportunity. Therefore, assuming that such a person is able to stand for a short time, there are movements or exercises that give the whole body an experience of activity. Let's review a few of them -

1. Lift your hands up and extend them outward and return them to the normal position. Lift your hands up and extend them up and keep them straight. Back to normal. Repeat the above for 3-5 times depending on your endurance.

2. Bend the left leg at the knee and move it slightly up and try to balance the body only on the right leg. Say for 3-5 seconds only and then bring the left leg to the ground. Repeat with the right leg. Do this for 2-3 times. This exercise strengthens the legs.

3. In a standing position, keep the hands straight and just rotate the left hand in one direction for 3-5 times and then repeat the same in the opposite direction. Now do it with your right hand. This exercise is good for the hands and shoulders.


One of the most important things when we talk about older people doing exercises is that they should not stretch or exert themselves beyond their limits and capabilities. This is a very important point that must be noted during the entire exercise session. People with some severe medical conditions should discuss the possibility of doing the exercises with their doctors or physiotherapists before doing any of these exercises.


Whether they are young or old, exercise is essential for everyone to stay fit. Frail and elderly people generally tend to take more rest and less physical exertion, but there are some simple movements of body parts that can help them maintain their endurance and regain their strength. By doing these small and simple exercises they can make their lives active and enjoyable.