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Five ways to keep your brain healthy, strong and happy

Five ways to keep your brain healthy, strong and happy

Five ways to keep your brain healthy, strong and happy

 The brain is like the powerhouse of the body and where all the important decisions are made. This organ controls basically all we do and poor brain health often translates to poor mental health. This is why we need to pay adequate attention to our brains.

The brain has a wonderful plasticity, continually creating new connections and pathways in the maze of neurons that bundled together create our ability to think, reason, remember and react to new challenges, information and experiences. Most of these changes occur naturally, beneath the level of our conscious mind, at the subconscious and unconscious level.

Many activities help to keep the brain healthy but these activities have to be inculcated into the daily routine to be effective. Therefore, this article will be highlighting five easy ways to keep the brain healthy and happy.

1. Physical Exercise

You do not have to hit the gym if you do not want to but it's a great option. Other options you can try include walking, jogging, running, swimming, hiking, and so on. Pick a practice you love and make it a habit. Why?

Every time you exercise, a higher amount of blood flows to the brain. This oxygenated blood provides the brain with more oxygen which enhances its performance.

2. Getting Adequate Sleep

This can be hard to stick to especially if you have a busy life. There's always an assignment or project to finish, maybe a child to look after or even a spouse.

But, try to work around it in a way that suits you best. Having straight 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night is a sure way to make your brain healthy and happy. And not just your brain, your whole body.

Studies show that having adequate rest and sleep enhances cognitive function and memory. Also, when you are asleep, the body finds it easier to fight off invaders. And, good physical health means good brain health as well.

3. Plant-Based Diet

No, I'm not asking you to become a vegetarian if you don't want to. But, you can plan your meals to include reasonable portions of healthy and helpful plant-based diets. Omega fatty acids for example have been linked to improved brain function.

Focus on meals rich in brain-friendly nutrients. An abrupt change in diet would make the process difficult. Give yourself time to transition smoothly. Having a nutritionist help draft a meal timetable for you won't be such a bad idea. Or, you can do it yourself while considering the selected food sources.

4. Exercise Your Brain

This may seem a little weird but your brain needs to be exercised just like every other muscle in your body. Since the brain is not like the other physical organs we can control, activities that ensure its use should be prioritized.

This could be playing a mentally stimulating game with friends or unraveling puzzles or answering riddles. Something to get your brain doing what it loves to do best.

5. Healthy Social Interactions

Some social interactions are draining but those are not the ones being referred to here. Healthy social interactions help in keeping the brain alive. People who interact more with others have lower chances of getting depression, anxiety, and memory loss.

By default, we can say social interactions enhance the brain's health. With all this in play, you will be at a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's and other brain-related illnesses.


The brain is a vital organ of the body and some scientists argue that it's the most important. This organ should not be neglected as it does a ton of work for our bodies

Brain care routines may be hard to adapt to initially but can become stubborn habits with time. Start with practices that you can do consistently before progressing to add more practices to your checklist.

That's it for today. If you feel there is something useful, please share this with your loved ones, and don't forget to reveal your thoughts in the comment box. Or if you have any great ideas or any questions, don't forget to share them by commenting. Until then, be happy, keep smiling, keep asking questions, and please keep reading my articles. See you in the next article.