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Treating acne in natural ways and at the lowest prices

Treating acne in natural ways and at the lowest prices

Treating acne in natural ways and at the lowest prices

Pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, redness, dark spots…These are all symptoms of acne. There is a lot of information out there about what exactly is acne and what causes this condition. If you are suffering with acne, you probably already know these things. You just want to get rid of blemishes as quickly as possible.

Treatments for acne often require the purchase of several products and repeated use. Some of these treatments are expensive, and result in little or no improvement in the long run. If you would rather have a cheap way to manage your acne, get ready to fill your toolkit with the following inexpensive things.

Cheap Acne Toolkit Item #1: Washcloths

Acne-prone skin creates new skin cells rapidly, which lead to the build-up of these cells on the skin. This in turn causes clogged pores, inflammation and blemishes. Anyone who has tried to exfoliate acne-prone skin has probably experienced extreme irritation. This is because exfoliating lotions contain abrasive materials, like salt, sugar, walnut husks, and coconut husks. Imagine looking at these things through a microscope. They are jagged little rocks that are scraping away at the skin, causing micro-abrasions. This is not good, which is why it’s best to begin exfoliating with something gen

You’ll need a bunch of washcloths, so that you can use a fresh, clean cloth every time you wash your face. Start off with 100% cotton terry washcloths that are medium softness. Over time, your skin will get used to this texture of cloth, and then you can get the rougher textured washcloths. The cheap washcloths that come in bundle are great for exfoliation.

Cheap Acne Toolkit Item #2: Charcoal Soap

Activated charcoal is made from wood, coal, and other natural substances. It has been widely known to absorb toxins. It’s even used as an emergency treatment for some types of poisonings. Soap made with activated charcoal is great for acne because it gently removes the impurities on the skin. For example, a popped pimple is like a tiny, open wound. You wouldn’t allow a cut on your arm to be packed with dirt and oil. Wounds need to be kept clean and allowed to heal. Charcoal soap gently removes oil and dirt from the skin

Cheap Acne Toolkit Item #3: Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an anti-bacterial treatment. It’s inexpensive and can be found in any drugstore. 50% - 75% concentration will do. Bacteria that live in the pores can aggravate oily, acne-prone skin and cause the blemishes that form. Gently swiping the entire affected area with a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol help reduce oil and kill these bacteria..

Cheap Acne Toolkit Item #4: Cotton Balls

Cotton balls are the easiest way to precisely apply rubbing alcohol to your skin. They are inexpensive and come in large bags of about 200 cotton balls. You’ll find them in drugstores and the beauty section of most department stores

The Method

Step 1: Lather

Start with rinsing your face with warm water. Then grab your charcoal soap and clean washcloth and create a foamy lather with the cloth. Gently rub the skin using small, circular motions. Make sure not to press into the skin. You just want to rub the surface of the skin. Start from the chin and work your way all over your face. Make sure not to forget the skin on the nose and on the sides of the nose. The skin there tends to be thicker and oilier. If a pimple or whitehead pops, that’s okay. Gently wash the area with the soap and washclot

Step 2: Rinse

Rinse the charcoal soap thoroughly from your face with warm water. Also, rinse and ring out the cloth. Gently pat your skin with the washcloth until your skin is damp and not dripping wet.

Step 3: Swipe

Apply the rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and swipe your entire face with the alcohol. Make sure you pay close attention to any pimples or whiteheads that have popped. Dab them with alcohol. Then let the skin air-dry.

Step 4: Stop

This step may be difficult. The next step is to do absolutely nothing else to your skin. Don’t apply makeup. Don’t apply lotions. Nothing. This allows your skin to breath and heal. Once the acne clears away, you’ll be able to use these things, but in the meantime, patience is needed.

Step 5: Oil

After a few hours, you may notice little beads of oil that have formed on the surface of your skin. This is so common for people with oily skin and combination skin. Wash your hands thoroughly and smooth the naturally produced oil in an even layer all over your face with your fingers. You are wiping away the excess oil from the oily parts and applying it to the dryer parts. This is a natural moisturizer and will make your skin appear to glow with health.