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Mood Swings During Perimenopause: De-Stressing the Natural Way

Mood Swings During Perimenopause: De-Stressing the Natural Way

Mood Swings During Perimenopause: De-Stressing the Natural Way

Mood swings is experienced by over 50 percent of perimenopausal women. Physical, emotional and mental symptoms are also quite normal in a woman at perimenopause and menopause. Perimenopause symptoms may also affect women on in so many ways, women feel it is normal. Sometimes they may feel like the pendulum that has gone out of control. Going through the transition into menopause may be quite unsettling for any woman especially when her emotions are topsy-turvy and she feels out of control. This article will focus on a woman's emotional level during her journey into menopause. By understanding that she is not going out of her mind, a woman may try a natural treatment to calm her emotions and ease her mood swings. Remember, it is not in your head, it is your hormones.

Women may usually experience a mood swing when their hormones are out of balance. A mood swing is when a woman overreacts emotionally. It is actually a normal and very common symptom of perimenopause. It may be an upsetting phenomenon for her and those around her. She may drive her family crazy at times. It is usually helpful to understand why a woman is actually experiencing these moods during menopause. A woman may go through extreme fluctuations in her moods and may experience a drastic shift in her emotional state.

Mood swings and feelings during perimenopause 

All women may experience the various symptoms of a mood swing differently. Many of these symptoms of mood swings are also quite common.

  • Frequent mood change
  • Extreme moods
  • Sadness.
  • Depression.
  • Irritability.
  • Anxiety.
  • Aggression.
  • Less patience.
  • Nervousness.
  • Melancholy.

Stress during perimenopause

 Stress may be reduced in a woman's life. Stress may stimulate a body to produce more adrenalin and cortisol. Cortisol may inhibit the production of progesterone in the ovaries. Stress also makes a body produce a high level of cortisol, which may reduce the production of progesterone causing estrogen dominance. An excess of cortisol may reduce progesterone levels, which may also cause high blood pressure, diabetes, weaken the immune system and eliminate essential vitamins and minerals from the body. You may improve your wellbeing when your hormones are balanced and the process of aging may slow down and be less debilitating.

Hormone imbalance during perimenopause

 Hormone imbalance may cause signs and symptoms that are troublesome to a woman. It may be a relief to know that often these imbalances may be successfully treated in a natural and healthy way. In fact, a woman may be quite surprised at how quickly a symptom like mood swings may improve by just using natural approach. Estrogen Hormone Replacement therapy, (ERT), until recently was often prescribed to treat hormone imbalance for just about every hormonal issue. From PMS, depression, irregular periods, mood swings or hot flashes; doctors wrote ERT or HRT prescriptions for women.

You may be surprised to know that the hormone medications were the top-selling drugs for decades. However, ongoing studies show HRT has serious health risks from ovarian cancer, breast cancer, blood clots or heart disease. The high risks for disease has women and healthcare professionals rethinking the use of drugs in HRT and ERT. In fact, when the Women's Health Study showed women at a much higher risk of cancer, women became scared and stopped using ERT. Then they began a search for natural solutions.

Natural solutions to correct hormone imbalances that physicians recommend are a healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, natural remedies, and natural progesterone cream. A diet may be improved by including whole grains, protein, vegetables and fruits. Healthy diets improve long-term health, reduce the symptoms of hormone imbalance, and allow for a longer life.

The benefits of exercise 

Exercising and increasing physical activity aids in better sleep, being more energized, looking younger, enjoying a better sex life, and improving mood swings. Exercise helps improve connective tissue and makes bones stronger. Exercise increases the stress hormone that helps amplify a positive outlook in addition to weight loss. Exercise should be a lifelong habit. Exercise improves a woman's mood and boosts her immune system.

Natural progesterone cream is a safe natural solution 

Natural progesterone cream is a safe and effective hormone replacement therapy that may gently balance a woman's hormones and provide relief for mood swings. Natural progesterone may help relieve many of the symptoms caused by perimenopause including mood swings. Bio-identical or Natural progesterone cream contains molecules that are the same molecule as a women's natural producing progesterone.

In the 1950's, Dr. Dalton, of England, found that natural progesterone cream was the cause and treatment for depression, post-partum depression and mood swings. In another study, Dr. Prior, of Canada, discovered that runners had low progesterone levels that stopped their periods. Ray Peat, microbiologist and researcher along with Dr. John Lee found natural progesterone therapy helped women with most issues related to hormone imbalances. He found the issues range from infertility, PMS symptoms and symptoms during of menopause.

It is important for a woman to understand that her mood swings can be eased. There may also be other factors involved causing her moods. Other symptoms of menopause such as night sweats, hot flashes, fatigue and physical changes may cause or intensify a woman's mood. By knowing and understanding her hormonal fluctuations, a woman can start with natural progesterone cream to help her control her mood swings. Bio-identical progesterone cream as a natural hormone replacement therapy has replaced traditional HRT, mainly because it safely reduces most of the symptoms caused by menopause.

Progesterone balances the ratio of low estrogen or high or low progesterone. Natural progesterone cream is the only bioidentical hormone that may efficiently achieve relief for your symptoms. Natural progesterone cream addresses the cause of hormone imbalance, therefore may help relieve your symptoms.

Natural Progesterone Cream with Wild Yam and Chaste Tree Berry is a recommended approach. Natural remedies may be effective, safer than drugs and a valuable option. It has no side effects. It is economical and effective. Natural progesterone cream addresses the cause a hormonal imbalance.

This is for education only. It is not intended to treat, prevent or cure a medical disease. If you have a medical condition, please consult a health care professional.