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best ways to lose weight without deprivation 9

best ways to lose weight without deprivation 9 

9 best ways to lose weight without deprivation


Have you tried many harsh diets, but still did not lose weight? Let it be in your knowledge that it is not about deprivation, because abstaining from food is the first step to failure in the diet followed. Losing weight is nothing but a lifestyle and some simple rules that if you take care of them, you will lose the weight you do not want easily without any slouching or stress.

 Most importantly, you will not regain the extra weight again and will maintain what you have reached while you are in good health. In this article, we will show you a set of rules that will enable you to lose weight without deprivation .

Here are some ways to lose weight:

Your health website will show you the best ways and rules that you must follow to lose weight without deprivation, as you can lose weight no matter how many kilograms you weigh, if you persevere in implementing and adhering to it. 

Firstly :

 Eat breakfast regularly :

 Because the body stores more fat when you neglect this meal, eating breakfast is one of the most important factors in losing weight, because it regulates the metabolism process, makes you feel full for a longer period and increases the speed of burning throughout the day, so make sure to eat it in the early morning hours. 


 Drink enough water: 

Always put a two-liter bottle of water next to you, and carry it with you at home and move it from room to room so that you do not forget to drink water, scientific studies have proven that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the best way to lose weight quickly, because drinking water Sufficiently enhances the metabolism process, and water works to remove toxins from the body, in addition, it helps to feel full, which makes you reduce eating.


 Chew food slowly.

 Pay attention to the way you eat, especially chewing food, focus on every tablespoon you eat and chew it very slowly, reckless eating leads you to devour more food, because the satiety centers in the brain need some time, until it is informed by the messages required by Digestive.

Fourthly :

 Do not watch TV while eating:

 Watching TV or surfing the internet while you eat, it will push you to eat more and more food unconsciously, just for fun, and you won't realize how much you are eating because you focus on something else.


 sleep early :

 Staying up late is considered one of the worst enemies of weight loss, as recent studies have proven that staying up late increases the level of the hunger hormone, and reduces the level of the satiety hormone in the body, so make sure you get enough sleep at night in particular.

Sixthly : 

Gradually reduce the amount of food and divide the meals 

Do not deprive yourself of food, but divide your meal into two days or into half the amount, so that you eat what your family eats, so that you do not feel deprived, but in smaller quantities gradually until your stomach gets used to the small quantities of food, and to clarify the matter we will show you the following example: 

If you eat a large plate of rice or pasta in a day, change the plate to a slightly smaller one and so on gradually, and apply this example to all types of food.


 Change your big plates for smaller ones: 

Make a habit of always eating in a small plate and with a small spoon, which will help you determine the amount of food that you will eat and so that over time you will get used to small quantities, and you can resort to low-calorie foods between main meals if you feel hungry, such as popcorn, thermos and chickpeas. etc.


 Choose healthy, low-calorie foods:

 Try changing the way you think about food by replacing high-calorie foods with healthy low-calorie foods. 

And full-fat foods with free or low-fat foods, and master the preparation of your healthy meal in all available ways, add special spices to it instead of sauces, reduce salt and oil, and increase vinegar and lemon, and make it a delicious meal that makes you feel happy and full, and reduce the amount of sugar because sweets in general contain an amount of Big calories . 


 move a lot: 

Without movement, calories will not be burned and therefore weight will increase, so move and by movement we do not mean the necessity of exercising. Walking for a long distance will do that and no system or method is correct to lose weight without movement, the more your movement increases.

 You have increased your ability to lose weight, tighten your body, prevent it from flabbiness, maintain a stable weight and other health issues. Do any continuous movement activity for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, whether walking, dancing, engaging in household chores, or exercising at home, especially sports. Aerobics is effective in tightening the body if it becomes a daily routine.

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