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Keto diet for weight loss

Keto diet for weight loss

Keto diet for weight loss

Keto is one of the most popular diets and programs currently used to lose weight quickly, and get rid of excess fat without the need to do much effort or exercise. The keto diet has many health benefits. It is a healthy and safe diet for diabetics, as it enhances insulin sensitivity, which In turn, it contributes to the process of getting rid of fat quickly.

Keto diet in detail:

This diet lowers blood sugar and insulin levels, and shifts the body's metabolism away from carbohydrates toward fats and ketones, by following a low-carb, high-fat diet.

Where the keto diet depends mainly on depriving the body largely of all kinds of starches and sugars, so that the body is forced to burn the fats stored within it to obtain energy instead of burning carbohydrates and sugars, and thus we lose weight in a short time.

In order to fully understand the keto diet, you must completely refrain from eating starches in all their forms, as well as sugar, white and black honey, and even legumes that contain a high percentage of starches such as white beans, peanuts, and even fruits are not completely available in this system.

Bread should be made of almond or coconut flour, and you should eat protein in every meal and you should also consume large amounts of fats, oils, vegetables and some cheeses, and in order to sweeten your food and drinks, you must use industrial alternatives to sugar such as, Stevia, Erythrol and Xylotol, which are sweeteners that do not raise the glycemic index or sugar can be avoided completely without artificial alternatives.

How much does the keto diet lose weight per week?

The keto diet can save you from about 3 to 4 kilos per week, especially in the first and second stages of the ketogenic diet, as the rate of weight loss in the first weeks of the keto diet is fast in losing excess body fat and then in the third stage is increased The rate of carbohydrates in the diet reduces the rate of fat loss.

Benefits of the keto diet:

After sticking to the keto diet for a long time, you will feel light and energetic without the need to exercise. Losing weight quickly and getting rid of excess fat because the body begins to use and burn it as an alternative source of energy. Feeling full for a long time because fat is less digestible than carbohydrates and sugar.

Disadvantages of the keto diet: 

You must take nutritional supplements continuously along with this diet, because the carbohydrates found in fruits, for example, and some legumes come along with many vitamins and minerals that the body needs, and depriving it of them will affect your health and therefore you need to compensate for them with nutritional supplements.

Many of those who follow this diet in the first stage suffer from side effects such as headaches, inability to focus or make physical effort, and also a change in mood.

It is true that you lose weight quickly on a ketogenic diet, perhaps faster than any other diet, but you also lose collagen, which helps build muscle, and a lot of body fluids in the process of burning fat.

The most difficult disadvantage of this system is to deprive the body of sugars and starches, because those who are accustomed to eating sugar on a daily basis are never easy to abstain from it overnight.

 Regardless of the prevalence of the keto diet, most individuals cannot establish an eating routine on their own given the fact that they cannot limit their small and full calories.

 The keto diet is assumed to be the most popular diet nowadays, but due to its unpredictable fat, carbohydrate and protein counts, people often think that it is difficult to plan a diet plan tailored to the needs of the body.

They end up going to the nutritionists, which is not only expensive, but also requires follow-up visits for a very long time, which somehow restricts them 

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